01 October, 2005


Homelessness is not only confine to the UK it happens all over the world. I have recently read about the homeless people in Japan, Asia, and most of Europe and I have also read about homelessness in the United States. It doesn't matter where you live or what colour you are or even religion. If you become one of the unfortunates you can become homeless and in need of help. I listen to all the people that deal with it on a day to day basis and sometimes I disagree with what they are saying. I listen to politicians who don't really have a clue as too just what it's like to be homeless. I have been there got the t shirt and all. It's not a nice place to be. Living on the streets in many countries can become a way of life and it can also be accepted by the public because its in their face everyday. Is there a cure for poorer countries? It's hard to say but what I do know is they would prefer to live on our streets than their own. We can all moan and groan at what we see but I think on something's we can count our blessing. One is that we are not a poor country and we are trying to do something about it even if it doesn't seem like we are succeeding.
Was life hard on the streets? Yes it was.
Was it sometimes degrading? It sometimes felt as if things couldn't get any worse.
Was it my own fault I was on the streets? In my case I only have me to blame.
Could it have been prevented? Yes it could have if someone had taken the time to notice I wasn't at school or social services had listened to what I was saying when I was a child. What I'm trying to say is because we were children, what we had to say was unimportant. The fact that we were small children shouldn't have made any difference. We were not like the children of poorer countries scraping for food living on the streets because we had to. We had homes and families and things were going on that changed us and nobody noticed. I became a replica of my mother with one difference I managed to change. Most homeless people have had something happen to them and they end up on the streets as a last resort


Morgan W. Brown said...
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Morgan W. Brown said...

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Good post Jamie.

Whether it is this particular post of yours or, any one of the many others you have penned and posted: Thank you for sharing and saying so well what needs telling, over and over, at least until someone finally gets it and then acts accordingly; and, if no one manages to do so, shame on them for their indifference and resulting inaction (deliberate or otherwise).

Listen up people, because Jamie is telling you the way it is!

Keep blogging on Jamie.