13 October, 2005

It's not natures fault it's our fault

I have been watching the news over the last week and I have been intently watching the disaster unfold in Pakistan. The loss of life is appalling. Yet I can't help but feel this is not only nature taking it's revenge but it's the western worlds fault as well.
We cannot best nature that is a fact but we can learn to live with it much better than we do. We are our own worst enemies, when it comes to this world. We burn fossil fuels we use deodorants and other aerosols. We basically pollute the air we breathe and destroy our ozone. Which by the way blocks harmful rays and the one thing I keep on hearing is its natures fault. It's not all natures fault. It's us we have not yet learned to live with nature. If we don't do something soon we won't be able to prevent theses disasters from getting worse and that's me saying I don't think we can reverse what's happening we can only hope to slow the demise of our world. I think this world of ours is dying and the disasters we are now having are the first signs. I have no crystal ball to look into the future and I wont predict the end of the world for next year but what I will say is if we keep on doing what we are doing then we will kill our planet sooner rather than later and nature will take it's revenge in full and to me that's not progress. That's suicide.

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