19 October, 2005

The slow NHS

Yesterday I went for my physio therapy and went through what I call the motions of exercise. Then I was told that I had to see a specialist and so I walked down the stairs and through many corridors and finally arrived at the specialists waiting room that was at 3.30 pm and at 5.55pm I was still waiting. When I asked at reception what was happening I was told I would be seen shortly. 5.45pm still waiting. If this had been the accident and emergency dept I would have understood the wait but I was asked to see this doctor and the wait was far too long. Finally seeing the specialist he apologized for the wait saying they were so busy that another appointment should have been made for me but this would have probably been in a week or two and would have caused another delay. The outcome is that I can now have my knee replacement in Jan or Feb. The thing is I have been told this before and the operation has always been cancelled. When I hear the government say waiting lists for operations are down and things are getting better I know different as I am one of those patients waiting and waiting. It took me over six months to even get a GP and over two years to get a dentist. So I ask where is the difference in services. The government spend millions of pounds on surveys and advertising on how good the NHS is getting but how good is it really? I was just wondering if I had been a homeless person would I have received the services like a doctor and dentist because I know people who stay in certain areas and who are on crutches being told they have to go certain medical centers which deal with homeless people but they are miles away. How do they get there by tube and be arrested for non payment of fare?

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