31 October, 2005

A comedy of errors

Just when I thought everything was going perfect it had to happen to me again. I woke this morning to find a final demand for something I have never had and never ordered. So I am now writing to the company. Now my video has gone haywire. It will play and rewind and all that but it wont take or eject the videos have to do it manually. So it looks as if I need a new one. Then to top that I was cleaning the TV screen and I got a massive shock. Now I got curls in my hair that stick out and now to make my day worse I've just fallen down the steps on the bus and boy does my leg hurt. It's not going to be my day is it? I Guess someone up there's having another day of laughter at my expense. Well, all I have to say is, I hope he's has fun because everything that comes around goes around. Oops sorry guess its already come around for him up there.


womble said...

Jamie, take care of yourself. It sounds like you might just be a bit tired with all these things happening to you.

tonda_cz said...

I had a similar day, Jamie. I bit into my shredded wheat this morning and half of one of my teeth broke off. No dentist appointment for a month. Then I reversed into a concrete bollard while parking at the pharmacy. Then got a parking ticket while I was in the pharmacy. A comedy of errors. Hope your leg gets better...

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