01 November, 2005

Oh to be a politician

Yesterday I guess what with falling down the stairs on the bus and all. I guess I made a few errors in judgment you could say I was having a few Blunkett moments. Error of judgment thing. The thing is how can we trust a politician who has already proved he will do things that are not exactly kosher. This time as he admits he did test out the water so to speak by asking the committee about another thing. Does this prove you have to be a bit devious to be a politician? Because this is not the first politician to stray over the years and there's me saying let me become leader of the Conservatives. Well , I think I would make a good politician because I am fairly honest (when I have to be) but are honest politicians in this day and age really hard to find? I mean we have George Galloway pleading his innocence but the whisper is there's no smoke without fire. I do admire him for standing up for what he believes though. We have a prime minister who went to war on the word of so called experts. Did he know? Only he knows the truth and he's not saying maybe we will know when he writes his memoirs. Then we have the contender for the leadership of the Conservatives what's his name did he take drugs or not. Will he tell the people he did not knowing its a lie. Once again only he knows and his dealer of course. Oh to be a politician I wonder if there's a college course on how to become a politician

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