17 November, 2005

Winters here

I did this blog yesterday about new technology and the socially excluded. Which I thought was an all right piece but after meeting homeless people and talking to them in a night shelter last night. Around 60% said the most pressing thing for them was not emails or mobile phones. They were worried about how to keep warm and fed and when will they get a permanent roof over their heads. Now the weather has changed suddenly and as the cold really gets to people. I think we will see and hear more about homelessness. Even today I heard people say God it's cold and they were wearing thick coats and sweaters. So imagine what's it's like for those people on the streets. Imagine having to walk five or six miles to one of the night shelters run by the church and remember they are in different places every night. Then when you get there finally, there are no vacancies. Ironic isn't it? As we come to that time of year, when in the Christian faith one night thousands of years ago there were no vacancies in a stable either. Things don't seem to have changed that much. We still have homeless people wandering our city streets. Sleeping where they can. So the most pressing issue for homeless people is not new technology. It's shelter.

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Anonymous said...

Life will never be fair. That is a hard reality we fail to understand. More often than not, we disregard the values of little things that affect our lives. Problems be it big or small has to faced accordingly. Only in responsibility do we find contentment.