18 November, 2005

The week that was

This week for me has been a fairly hectic but steady one. It did start off with the Monday morning blues which ran into Tues Wed Thurs and Fri. (only joking). When I read what I'd written this week I thought it read mostly like a week in politics. I mean Monday I wrote about the new drink law. Tuesday about my Monday morning blues occurring on Tuesday's which everyone suffers from, politicians more than most so I've heard. Wednesday about homeless people starting a small business. Yesterday about broadband and the socially excluded and politicians saying nothing and today I thought I'd tell you about me, my diet and how for weeks and weeks I have been as good as gold then through one depressive day it crashed and burned. So where do I start oh yes, Tuesday, had one of those days which makes you think the worlds about to collapse so to speak but I got through the day ok. That night though someone snuck five doughnuts into my flat sometime between 6pm and midnight. Then it seems one by one the doughnuts disappeared. So on tues what actually disappeared from my fridge was five doughnuts, two cheese and onion slices and one giant size pepperoni pizza. The next morning I started to wonder why I was feeling overweight had I been force fed by a sweet tooth? I am glad that it seems that I was not the only one suffering from some sort of hang over I bet Tony Blair was thinking it was all a bad dream when he lost the vote on the new anti terror bill and to top that was the news of the reported leaked paper on education reforms for youngsters but I do have my suspicions on that. Was it leaked or not? So my week has been a weak week and for once I haven't achieved a goal I set for myself. Then yesterday I heard that I might have to work for two extra years so I could be eligible for a pension. The trouble with that is people of say fifty have trouble getting work and believe me I should know. It's is hard enough. Now they're being asked to suffer longer. So as the week drags to a close. I've come to the conclusion that there maybe a possibility that I am human after all and there will be lots more weeks like this one to come. God I hope not can you imagine the size I would be?


womble said...

Jamie, you're allowed a day off from your diet once in a while. Don't beat yourself up about it. The important thing is to develop permanent, healthy eating habits. And they can include the occasional treat if you're sensible the rest of the time.

Healthy Eating Guru said...

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