29 November, 2005

A reply to the homeless guy

Hi just a few words to say thank you for reading my blog. The one thing that seems to be world wide is homelessness and it does have many causes but as I try to find out why there are so many around the world. It does puzzle me somewhat, when two of the richest countries in the world seem to have a huge problem. I just don't get it. When we spend massive sums of money on fighting wars and finding out what's in space ect. It's mind boggling to think that in a world were there are people starving and homeless we spend so much on finding out what's out there or getting a better killing machine. Then when we get the time it seems we talk about humanity. It's funny when I say it, it sounds so stupid but when someone with a bit of intellect says it, it does sound different. But that's the way I see it and my view on life and how precious it has changed dramatically. What bothers me most is that word humanity and how we seem to use the word only when the situation seems to arise. Shouldn't we as human being try to put our own houses in order before we go gallivanting across the universe. Should we at least try to cure an ailing world before we kill it. After people have been trying to find the magic cure for homelessness and hunger for centuries. Don't you think it about time we did? Isn't that what
humanity means? We have lots of people in this world with compassion but I do believe now is the time to say enough is enough lets put our houses in order.
I guess I just want that ideal world.

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