17 November, 2005

I'm tired and knackered. I feel as if today has been one of those run around days and hope for the best. But it has had it's good bits like seeing what I have said appear on the BBC politics show and meeting some people that I promised to some time ago and talk about homelessness. Now I'm not going to go on and on like I usually do when I'm having a Jamie moment but, one thing that does cheese me off the most is when these politicians say we are going to help the socially excluded yet make no mention of it when they run for office or say leadership of a party. I have yet to hear David Cameron say anything about the homeless. It's as if the problem is put on the back burner. It's seems that the only time the issue comes up is when it's being pushed right in front of them and then they say but we are or have been dealing with the problem.
Then for a few months or so we see a government initiative that seems to fizzle out. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh but ask any homeless person that has to sleep on the streets and they will tell you the same. People have said to me since I have been writing my blog that they don't have to sleep on the streets and I tell them that there is not enough hostel accommodation and when I tell them some of the people have to be seen living on the streets before they can be assessed. Which I find personally unacceptable. If someone comes to an agency asking for help. Then they should be helped. Not told to come back two or three times that month and then be told sorry no vacancies. We have addicts on the street simply because they are addicts and no one will take them in or there is not enough accommodation to house people with this problem. We have the mentally challenged or ones with personality disorders there are only a few hostels that take these people in. So when politicians start to talk using the words socially included they should say the most vulnerable in our society. It's funny but I prefer to call a homeless person for what they are homeless. Not senseless.

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