25 November, 2005

Christmas just keeps coming and going

Merry Christmas the young girl says
Alone is how she spends her days.
Yet still she smiles.
When her feet are sore and bruised with walking miles.
For her Christmas it just comes and goes
But she remembers all its highs and lows
Any spare change the old man says
Sitting there in a drunken haze.
And as the sound of coins drop in his cup
He wishes all a Christmas cheer
As he sips another can of his ice-cold beer.
For him Christmas it just comes and goes
But he remembers all the highs and lows.
Happy Christmas is all the young man says
But in his eyes you see unhappy days
Christmas, long gone in his memory.
Yet still he can remember how it used to be.
For him its just a wish that this Christmas just comes and goes
Because with sadness he remembers its the highs and lows
Where is my child? Where is my son?
Can someone say just what we�ve done?
Please come home a mother�s says
A father tears
A high price they pay.
Yet Christmas is the time when hope is high.
And there�s never the question of why us why.
But Christmas is time every one prays
For simple happier days.

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