30 November, 2005

At it again

Whilst I had this moment of clarity after sitting and listening to these politicians spout on and on about new laws and policies . I had a thought as to why they are really needed. It was a clear thought a moment ago but now I am not so sure. But If I am right then I am a genius. Well here goes, because society as a whole needs to have some sort of guide lines in law and such and we being mere mortals sometimes forget that it is only us that can determine our own existence or what kind of a society we have. Be it caring or the couldn't careless. Honest or dishonest. The outcome to everything depends on us but because certain members of society don't toe the line or they want to make more money than the next person. To make things fair and equal laws and policies are made. Some of them are really quite smart and some are down right daft and that's what I think politics is but as to why politicians have to use political verse that the ordinary person can not understand is some what bemusing. Politics is so simple when you think about it. Common sense is one of the things I don't seem to see a lot of in politics today. It does seem to be we'll do this today and suffer the consequences tomorrow politics.
I think it was Benjamin Franklin that said once humanity takes responsibility for humanity then we wont need laws of structure because we will have achieved utopia. Don't quote me on that as I am not sure but it sounds good doesn't it?

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