10 November, 2005

My opinion

Well, we all new at sometime or other Tony Blair would eventually lose in the house of commons but I am of the opinion that yesterday Mr Blair should not have lost. I am not a staunch believer of Tony's but yesterday I truly believe the vote against Tony was not a vote against the ninety day bill but a vote against Mr Blair and the Labour government which I think was wrong. 72% of the people said the bill was right and should be made law but as usual no one was listening and there's me thinking that the parties involved were there for the people. Once again I like many others feel we have been let down again. I think Tony Blair was right when he said we are dealing with a new form of terrorism. The opposition sited the IRA and said we have been fighting them for years. Well the IRA didn't use suicide bombers they gave us warning. We are fighting a different kind of terror. Which will get worse and now we have the worry of people being put back into the community because enough time wasn't allowed for investigations. Mr Howe said yesterday that we can't put people in prison with no evidence because they will come out bitter. I would rather have someone come out of prison bitter than them come out and blow something up or kill more people. The choice was simple and the result was damaging for Mr Blair but saying that the one thing we all know he is a survivor.

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