08 November, 2005

Radical idea

We all want things to work and when it comes to the question of homelessness we can plod our way through tons of stuff and still get nowhere. I have to admit that there seems to be no cure for this dreaded affliction called homelessness. Why do I say affliction because it is a symptom of poverty in a vast majority of cases. The cure could be just to throw money in that direction but I doubt that very much. We are all looking for ways to cure this symptom of society. Ideas have been put before and some of the ideas I have are not so radical and some have been tried before . The homeless charity crisis have a member volunteer scheme which is to say that if you are homeless or living in a hostel and are a member of skylight you can become a volunteer. Which is all well and good but it doesn't replace that well being of being paid for something you're good at does it? I see an enormous as yet untapped potential of people who would make good out reach workers and good community officers for Westminster council new project if this council is so set on changing the rules then use the wealth of knowledge these people have. When it comes to government then maybe they could learn a thing or two from people who have actually been there got the t-shirt so to speak. Well, I have had this bee in my bonnet for a long time and because I only hear one or two stories of people actually working in the homeless sector what I am saying we need more. We need people that have been there and are not going to give up on clients . Think I'll shut up now and get off my soap box

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Willie said...

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