09 November, 2005

Anti terrorism

How do you combat terrorism. I don't know. Why ask me is the usual question and answer you get? While the government ponder the ifs and whys and buts terrorists will cause more grief and havoc around the world. My own view on this matter is let the politicians come up with the strategy for combating terrorism but let the people vote on it because this affects us all and it's only then that a united front can be gained. Tony Blair is gambling his reputation on this when he doesn't really have to. People want to combat this threat the best way they can. We have all these people saying this and that and the one argument that is being used all the time is the length of time spent in prison. We have people in prison right at this moment that have been in there six or seven months and some of them will be found not guilty. I personally don't think ninety days is to much to ask for when the evidence on what has to be done is put before a court but I would stress that I would like it to be brought before a court once every four weeks so a judge can evaluate the situation and to make sure the police or who ever are not dragging there heels. Some would say this is not right but it's also not right that bombs can be exploded among innocent people and surely the safety of our country and it's people should come first.

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