20 November, 2005

TV interview

This morning I go on the TV and face the cameras the first time for ages but this time it's for a good cause.( crisis pud) I have never felt so nervous. I 'm going to talk about me and my life and what the homeless charity crisis has done for me and how my life has changed and boy, how it has changed. Yesterday I got a phone call from my friend and that cheered me up no end. So today at nine o'clock will be the day the whole nation see the man who gives the homeless their voice. Great advert don't you think? But on a more serious note a normal Christmas is when families and friends get together. If you are homeless then you don't have that. So at the crisis open Christmas volunteers and many others come together to give vulnerable people a taste of normality and it is a taste because after Christmas most will go back to the streets. For seven days homeless people will have the opportunity to see a doctor, an optician and a dentist but most of all they can talk to people like normal human beings. When I was a guest I can still remember being in a big tent, which I now know as a marquee. That was my first contact with someone normal someone who understood that I was another human being down on my luck. It didn't matter that I had problems. Everyone treated me as if I was an equal. I think that's why I am where I am today because of their compassion. Well I was trying to find a link to the TV interview but no luck yet but I will get it on my site as soon as possible. So apart from producing editing and directing my panto I have had a quiet day.

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Miguel said...

You'll do just fine!