16 November, 2005

Call to give all socially excluded broadband

After reading the government paper for including socially excluded people into the world of e technology and seeing there would be no exclusion for anyone. I was at first thrilled that the government had taken the initiative but after thinking and reading some more I have come to the conclusion the idea is good but how will the government go about achieving this. The situation at present for some homeless people is that the internet and mobile phones are the only way they can keep contact with an ever changing world. This does mean their lives are not on hold despite not having an address or living on friends floors. To be honest I would agree with any government initiative that does in fact engage the socially excluded in a world of technology that at the present seems beyond their reach. There are a few questions I would ask though. How many people lets say that are in the poverty trap can get or even have access to a computer and how many day centers or hostels have computers.?
How many people that have disabilities that will prevent them from joining this technology drive and does the government have other strategies?
How much is this going to cost the tax payer? Because I do fear a backlash of people that are working saying they are now worse off on the technology front.
Is this what I am calling mission impossible because of the amount of money needed to implement the government plans? Or is this going to be one of the governments five point plans that only reach the third stage

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Linda Walker said...

Just to let you know that there is a project in Glasgow called EverybodyOnline that is working to make sure that people affected by homelessness have access to computers and the Internet. There are four day centres in Glasgow and they all have some computer access at some time during the week. We have also put Internet access in one of the big hostels and it will be installed in the other hostels within the next six months or so.