01 November, 2005

Another rough sleeper

This is another face on the streets. Another person having to sleep rough. The government says it's tackling the problem but I am afraid to tell you nothing much has changed you still see the same old faces along with new ones. This was one person that slept during the day as he had been on his feet all night. When I spoke to him and told that's I once slept on the street. His reaction was startling. The government say they have reduced the number of rough sleepers and I believe at some time this year that was very true but as usual it seems that was only a temporary thing. Homelessness is an issue that not only affects London it is also on the rise in other parts of the country. What gets to me is that every Christmas we seem to highlight homelessness. Yet it is not a once yearly event. PEOPLE ARE HOMELESS ALL YEAR ROUND and I think its a great shame that a country with so much wealth and so many generous people we still have to see it day in and day out. I go out and meet people sleeping rough and hear what they have to say. Most would just love to be in the warm watching the television and nearly all would like a bed to sleep in. Just like me and you. Until the government realize that it is a much worse problem than they think. Then I am afraid nothing will change that much. Posted by Picasa

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