23 November, 2005

Things I dislike about my life

It's funny how one question can spark a whole train of thought. When I am being interviewed about me and my life. The question people usually ask is what do I like about my life now? Not what don't I like. So when someone asked me what I don't like? It got me thinking and just like everyone I don't like getting old and having grey in my hair. Which is normal so I've been told. I dislike the loneliness of me. Which is to say I don't like my own company. I spend far too many nights talking to myself and the trouble with that is every time I ask a question. I get an answer. Getting used to being on your own is quite hard I'm lucky because I do have friends I go and see. Like last night but for someone like myself I can see some reasons for people going back on to the street. To the life they know well. I suppose it's like having roots but being homeless in a way. If there is such a thing. Another thing I hate about my life right at this minute is being able to look back at it and seeing it as a waste of life although it does have it's upside for instance I wouldn't know what I know now if it hadn't been for the life I have led. So these are just a few things I dislike about me right now. Tomorrow who knows?


Anonymous said...

not meeting Jamie personally but reading his blog regulary. this what i think. Jamie is motivated by security, daily routines and being part of a group. He strives to be accepted and well-liked by his peers, and, rather than seek out constant change, Jamie is usually happy with the way things are now. Jamie enjoys a happy life and spending time in friendly environments

beanz said...

although in many ways your past may be a 'waste', the experience you had then and your ability to communicate now means that you CAN communicate for all those people still in that other life

to be people like me who have NO IDEA what it must be like