24 November, 2005

Rough places

Having friends in the right places is ok but having friends that can actually do something is a big plus. Yesterday I discussed hostels and night shelters with someone I knew. How some of them still had two or three to a room and were run down and how some night shelters were just barely fit enough to live in. We talked about how things can be improved but the problem is that people need to know what these places are like and where they are. So now I have become a blogger on a mission. I am asking everyone that reads my blog to tell me about these places and to contact me at poetmccoy@hotmail.com and I will pass the information on. Looking at my blog figures since it started I now have a good idea of how many people read it and it's quite a few. So if you are someone who is in a hostel or night shelter and having to live in a place not quite right let me know or if you have a story let me know? I promise if you want to keep yourself anonymous then that's fine. To be able to get the ball rolling so to speak and get something done then I need to know. I know I'm not going to be popular with some places but it's not a popularity contest. It's about getting homeless people somewhere decent or improving things.

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