11 November, 2005

Brushing my teeth and thinking

I was just brushing my teeth and having a bit of a think and admiring myself in my bathroom mirror and I thought my what a hansome chap I am (not really) but I was thinking about the state of things in this country. The one question that always comes to mind is how come this country is in such a mess because believe it or not it is. Since the Thatcher days we have struggled to get some kind of cohesion in society. We still have the have nots and the I haves but want more. We have more violent crime occurring on our streets. We have a huge drug problem which is still growing. When it comes to the homeless and vulnerable they are the people that still have nothing. Although the situation has got a fraction better. If you were to compare what's happening now to lets say the sixties not much has changed. Things seem to be more hidden these days. It does appear that those that have the least seem to know what's needed to change things in our society and to be frank I think it is because they have the least and they know about the hard times people face because they face them everyday. I have always maintained that politicians don't really know how much people are suffering through some of their policies. It's like the way I write about things. I try to write as simple as I can so that everyone understands what I am trying to say, but everything is not that simple. One of my favorite saying at this moment in time is you don't know really about things until you been there or done it. Only the other day I said to someone wouldn't you like to see a politician live on the streets for just one month so he could get to know what life is really like being homeless. Then maybe he would know what he's talking about. Of course this wont happen but what a refreshing change it would make if one said yes I will do it, anonymously of course. Well that's what I was thinking.

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