02 November, 2005

This is normality

Trying top do several jobs at once is near enough impossible and it does seem that I am in danger of over loading my brain which by the way some people over the years said I hadn't got. Things are hectic just right now. I have quite a few emails this morning and I am trying to get through them and I am visiting another school tomorrow morning and now my mobile has gone on the blink and I simply can't afford to get another one. So at the end of this week it looks as if I am going to have to make an inventory of everything that needs to be replaced and to top that off the police have just been and asked me if there's anything missing from my flat as they caught a couple of youths kicking the front door in yesterday. I thought the door was a bit funny but I took it that it was the rain that had swelled the wood and it was sticking a bit but this is the thing that I was on about in my last blog.
The youth today are bored and now have found other ways to occupy themselves, drugs, alcohol. They need money for these things and that's where crime comes in to the equation. Something I don't need at this minute. The best thing about this all I feel quite normal as I sip my second cup of fine blend coffee.

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