22 November, 2005

It's too cold to be sleeping out

Winters well and truly here and at nights as temperature drops below freezing some homeless people are now just trying to survive by sleeping inside large boxes or several boxes put together. Having done this myself I can tell you how hard it can become. It's a worrying time for most people ( me, I am just happy to know I can feel the cold after the years I spent not being able to. ) but for the homeless this is the time of year they dread. I hear all these politicians saying this is what the homelesss need but most of what they suggest is not immediately available. If the temperature drops significantly then I believe the government should look at rolling shelters again. The things to be gained by them are substantial. The obvious one is that they get out of the cold and get a bed. The second is they are off the streets and while they are in these shelters they can be gotten more permanent accommodation such as hostels B and B's ect. The fourth is if they need medical attention then it can be got or administered. Because I have been in this situation of being cold and never getting a good nights sleep and being ill. When I first came off drugs I went into a rolling shelter I was helped no end. To me this is a realistic choice for the government to make but will it come down to that old thing of money. If the government are to keep their word on helping the disadvantaged then this is a good idea.

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