14 November, 2005

Boozing the night away

Things never cease to amaze me and the fact that some of these so called experts come on TV and say some really dumb things just makes me think they have been in the pub just before they came on air. Tonight I was catching up on a bit of news and one of these experts said that the new licensing law should be put back until people understand that for drinking on the street being drunk and disorderly can result in an �80 on the spot fine and that the way to avoid this was to drink indoors or in a pub. Now that seems simple enough to me. Was he trying to say the general public are a bit thick. That we wouldn't understand that being drunk and sick all over the place will no longer be tolerated.
The thing that did bother me though was that fact that there are some homeless people who are real alcoholics and no matter what, for them the cheap cans of cider or special brew or even the bottles of wine they get from off licenses will be drunk on the street because it's cheaper for them and no pub landlord will let them enter their premises. Will this lead to a rise in fines being handed out and will this increase the number of homeless going to court for non payment of fines and going to prison for non payment.
The fact that we are a nation of binge drinkers is not really supprising when most experts tell us drinking and anti social behavior are an over flow of rebellion from run down estates and where there are pockets of poverty. Maybe I am a little short sighted but I see longer hours as maybe a saving grace because young people tend to binge drink because they have only a short period of time to drink. So attempt to defy the human bodies tolerance to alcohol and we all know and have seen the results. So maybe 24hr hour drinking can attempt to remedy this. It's a just thought

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