04 November, 2005

Just a another thought

As you know myself and Yvonne met David Davis who I thought was a typical Tory but on the head to head with what his name Campbell last night it appeared to me that both leadership candidates kept on referring to the other as being a Tony Blairite. This must surely put another smile on Tony Blair face? Surely if the Conservatives want to get ahead they must forget about Mr Blair and concentrate on policies and not giving Tony the satisfaction that once again his name as been mentioned in a Conservative camp or is the word policy a swear word not to be used in public and I'm not even a Conservative. I am a member of the public and if they think that calling each other names will get them votes then they have to think again because what I have heard so far from both is we like what Tony Blair's doing with his party and we'll basically do the same but we'll disguise it and call it Conservatism. Modernization is the word that keeps on cropping up and to tell the truth if that's what they think it is. Then I am a monkeys uncle

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