02 November, 2005

A politicians way of thinking

I woke up very early again this morning after spending the night asleep on my sofa. A train of thought running through my head and a question. The question was how do politicians think? So I sat down with my coffee and lit a cigarette and sat there contemplating. Now if you can imagine a man with a few extra pounds, half naked on a sofa blowing rings of smoke in the air. Then you have a better imagination than me. Well, there I was contemplating and I came up with this. Politicians think about things in simple terms, say the best way to get to the number ten is to add five and five or three plus seven. Simple logic I think that's what they call it. The best way to a problem if you know the answer is the root but the root of a problem is not always that simple. Let me take you to one of our major problems drinking alcohol. I think if you look at any map you will find that most drinkers come from deprived areas of Britain I am not saying that because they were born in these areas that they all became drinkers God we'd be in trouble if they all did. I am just saying the majority of drinkers. Now the government seem to think the best way to tackle this problem is housing more back to work incentives new flipping deals and so and on. Oh and the five point plans they make and we get to the third point and the rules have changed and we have to start all over again. You know the ones the governments never ending plans. These are what I call simple roots of a problem. I think we should be tacking the major causes of these problems like kids drinking on street corners or children as young as nine and ten drinking why? Well this week I have been on my travels not only talking to homeless people but to parents with their kids in tow and believe me when I say in tow. I have seen some strange sights ie: children on reins about 20 meters long and I find that very strange, but as I was saying I started to ask children and their parents what was missing and why were so many children now doing things that we wouldn't even think about doing when we were kids. The answer I got was simple boredom, there's nothing to do. We tell our kids to stop playing these computer games and watching telly. We tell them to get out and see the sights or go to the gym or youth centers, but if we look closer we find that there are not enough places for them to go or in some cases there aren't any places. Which in this day and age is kind of sad are we saying we don't care enough? Are we cultivating a vulnerability in our children that leads them to drinking on street corners and living the way they are living now? We are always saying children are our future. Well, shouldn't we be trying to do all we can to make sure of that. This is only one way of tackling the many problems in our society. If you add this one and many others they just make more roots to the problems we have. Well this is me ranting again. Professor McCoy talks to the people again but they are my thoughts and I thought you'd like to know.

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