03 November, 2005

Meeting David Davis and hearing what he had to say was interesting. When he answered some of the questions asked and answered with typical Conservative replies like buying a house. We told him that for people like me and Yvonne and many others buying a house was a pipe dream his answer which was automatic, was to buy to let. He didn't have to think about the answer before he gave it. after I thinking about it long after he'd gone I just thought yes it would great if we could get the money in the first place to buy the bloody houses. What mortgage company would take on ex-homeless people or in my case an ex-addicts? It seems that I did ask questions and give replies to his queries but I just got that sense of here we go again another Conservative. Which is a compliment to him. He was ok as Conservatives go. After meeting David Davis I took the Mickey out of Yvonne for accidentally kicking him under the table. I think playing footsie is what I said. Well, it has been an interesting day and tomorrow looks as if it's going to be another one.


womble said...

You're right, Jamie, as ever. There seems to be a knee-jerk reaction that of course everyone wants 'to own their own home'. No thought as to whether it's actually appropriate or even possible for some people. 'Home' can just as well be a rented place but it has to be somewhere. Somewhere that you're safe and happy. If someone wants to buy then fine. But please, whichever political party is making the decisions, let's put a lot more resource into affordable housing - to rent and to buy.

Miguel de Luis said...


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