27 October, 2005

TV dinners

I now don't have a dining table as my flat as my flat is too small. So I gave it away and now I'm back to watching TV with my dinner on my lap, not healthy I know but that's life. I was watching TV last night with dinner on my lap and I thought my God is this what really goes on in real life. Muggings, shooting, robberies and murders. It's just like it is in all the films we see.
Are films having that much of an influence on people or is it that some people are just born bad? Is it that society has now accepted this as the part of our lives we have to tolerate? I think it's funny that here I am talking about this when I was one of those people that stole to keep a drug habit going. It seems like a life time ago now but it's always in the back of my mind.
Society I think needs now to rethink it attitude to crime. We have made life far to easy for criminals because we seem to accept crime as a thing that will happen to anyone of us sooner or later. When something is in your face seven days a week on the hour as is the news on TV. I do believe people become immune to it and start to say to themselves well, it's just one of those things. It happens everyday or thank God glad it didn't happen to me.
I think the reasons why we accept it is because we don't see any alternative because even when we send people to prison it's been said that many have a better life in there than most people on the outside ironic don't you think? Coming from someone whose been there. The government seem to think tougher sentencing is the answer but me I think tougher prison might now be the answer. We have now to make deterrents. We have to make youngsters afraid to go to prison. We have to make prison that people don't want to come back to. It's a bad day when someone says nothings working.


Anonymous said...
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P�r Boman said...

Media a crime is always a strange connection.
Spent some time in America where the news and media basically had two part crime stories and entertainment news. I read in a study that in many areas (the study was in US) crime has gone down while the media reporting of crime has gone up.

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