16 October, 2005

A Simplistic rant

I never really thought much about anything for years but as my head has got bigger, I should say brain has got to being a brain. I think quite a lot. What I was thinking of was the way the world is. That is to say how I see the world and what I imagine the world to be. It occurred to me tonight as I wandered about the city and met different people, especially the ones that were preaching the bible to me. That the world I see and the world I imagine are two different things. How do I explain what I mean? Now that's hard. Well, here goes back in the days of no man no woman there was Adam and Eve and they had sex and created a population explosion. (must have been a good time way back then) Their off spring made families if you believe in the bible that's exactly what happened. Then some of them left the nest so to speak and went off and lived in other areas and formed countries. Like Israel and Palestine. Some even traveled further a field. What I am trying to do here is paint a picture, that we are all the same even though our skins maybe a different colour. We bleed the same colour blood. We have children exactly the same. We breath the same air ect.
Then someone is made the leader of the gang so to speak and because he wants a bigger place for his family. He decides to invade his neighbor's patch of land and take it for his own. Making one large place which is now called a kingdom or country as it is known today. That's how the first war was started. Now through the ages most wars have been fought over this the first and second war. Alexander the great fought to build an empire. The Romans conquered the world just to build a Roman empire. Now this is the question I'm asking. How come only a few people realize that to make this a world a better place. We have to give a little after all we all lived with a certain amount of peace at one time or another. Even as cavemen. It was only when man started to get progressive that wars started and people killing each other for land ect, got out of hand. You have northern and southern Ireland having wars they say over religion but it's never been about religion and it's never been about living in peace either. Israel and Palestine it's about land there as well. Then we have the greats. Great Britain and America invading other countries they say it's was too get rid of an evil dictator or was it really about forcing a way of life. We call democracy, something we call freedom. Anyway what I'm asking if we lived side by side at one time or another why can't we do the same today. Why can't the Israelis and the Palestinians do that today. Why can't the few in Ireland that still want war see that by killing others it is totally wrong. It's only man that builds walls and we do need to knock them down. It's only man that builds weapons of destruction.
We have the same problem occurring on this small island. We have Scotland, Wales and England oh and northern Ireland ( which does confuse me) they all want to have independence. The only difference is we have all learned how to get along. Well, nearly all but we all talk now instead of going to war. If we can do that why can't others. After all the Scots really hated the English not that many years ago. So you see the simplistic world I imagine living in. Is different to the one I really have.

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