21 October, 2005

Going back to school

Today I'm visiting a school in the east end of London to talk about being homeless and to listen to them read their poetry and maybe read a couple of mine to them. Am I nervous? Yes, just a tad. It will be only the second time after coming off drugs that I have actually been to talk about my experiences in a school. The way I look at it though is if by me telling them about my life I can stop just one or two taking the path that I did. Then it will have been worth while but looking back on my school days which I hated. I think being out there at the front for a change will be completely different than when I was at school. Because I was always sat at the back. Not that I minded after all being with the girls was sort of a pleasure. The funny thing is being amongst the opposite sex day in day out. I still never learned anything about them. Which just proves you can never really get to understand the way women think. I don't think any man can. Well it's time to enter the lions den so to speak.
Well, it was not that bad I just took one look at these kids and saw something in them that reminded me of me when I was a kid at that age. I spoke to them about homeless people. They told me truthfully what they thought and the way they saw homeless people. They asked questions which were really good ones. They read their poetry and I would love to put it on my site if they agree when they come back from half term. Today was one of the better days for me and I hope I can do it again at another school in the near future.

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