09 April, 2005

All you perspective parliamentary candidates. How about you having your say or have you nothing to say? I want to ask you.
Where do you get your figures on homelessness .
Why is it that charities such as St mungo's, English churches in London, St basils in the midlands are not funded adequately.
Why are there not enough hostels?
Why is there not enough funding of drug rehab centres?
Why can't a homeless person be treated as part of today's society?
Why can't they get in to decent full time education?
Why do some struggle to get benefits they are entitled to?
How about answering some of our questions?
Homelessness and the hidden homeless are not high enough on your electoral agenda, but I would like all the homeless and people around the country to know why and what your stand is on these matters are, if any?
If you don't think we have a problem, then I would naturaly say are you blind, but I'd like you to tell us your veiws

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