08 April, 2005


The crisis at mg rover could not have come at worse time for the midland region. As 6000 jobs disappear. It is feared that approximately another twenty five thousand jobs could be in jeopardy as firms that ware dependent on rover now fight to stay afloat. The effect it will have on the region will be devastating as once again unemployment in the region goes up again.
This is one crisis that Mr Blair could have done without, coming just weeks before the election. The people of Birmingham I think have had enough. The question on most peoples lips will be was there really a loan to save the ailing plant on the table? Could this be the straw that breaks the camels back? Has the country had enough of broken promises?
Could this lose labour 12 seats in the forth coming election?
I know what you're thinking, how could this homeless blogger know so much? Well, the truth is no matter what government is in power ( by the way whose runs the country now there is no government in power) its policies affect the homeless as well. So its good to be up on things.

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