27 April, 2005


The caring side of society is very much appreciated by people that are homeless or in hostel accommodation.
The question I ask is, why does it take a charity to raise the funds so the homeless can learn things like reading and writing, computers? When there are courses especially tailored for adults to learn. That fact that they live on the streets should not make any difference, but I'm afraid it does. It's another barrier we need to break down.
We've all heard the cries of get a job, get off your arse and do something worth while. Have you no pride? From certain members of the public when they shout at big issue vendors or someone begging for a bit of change for food. It's perceived by some of the public that everyone that is homeless or selling the big issue is either a drug addict or an alcoholic; this is not true. It's hard to understand how you can become homeless but it's simply a fact of someone's life. Things happen beyond someone's control and the next thing you know you've no home, no job, nothing to look forward to. This is the main problem homeless people face - that feeling of hopelessness no matter what they try to do.
When people do things like the square mile run it shows that people really do care and that they really do want to help. So I hope maybe I can help too, maybe run the square mile if some people will sponsor me.

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