05 April, 2005


Will he do it? Will he be prime minister again? Maybe, but I think this election could spring a surprise, after all how many people are going to vote for a prime minister that took the country to war on a little white lie that turned out to be a huge whopper. Then had to defend his actions. Was it wrong? Should we have deposed this one dictator? Should we now leave the Iraqi people to make their country their own again? Should we force them to have western democracy? Whatever anyone believes, I think its the one thing that could cost the labour party the election.
Personally? I think it will be close.
The surprise package could be the liberal democrats they have what it takes to form a government and I thank most people want change from the usual two main rivals. I would love to read their manifesto. Just to see if they have anything on their agenda to deal with homelessness and the causes of it be it drugs, drink, mental health issues and just plain old fashioned people looking for work.
Now the conservative party for me are to disjointed. How can you expel an elected candiate from the party for telling the truth. I know you have to have trust in your membership but if you stray from the truth and one person in your party believes it's wrong. Then he should be applauded for his courage in standing up for the people that voted for him. Not sold down the river. The question is, have they got their figures wrong? Are they infact telling fibs of their own? Who knows but I don't trust them now, but that's only my opinion

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