06 April, 2005

An everyday scene on your way to work or going home. We all pass by and think to ourselves. THANK GOD IT IS NOT ME. Did you know this man could vote? Posted by Hello


Liz Floodgate said...

Hi Jamie

Think this is a great idea. Have never written to a blogger before,so thought I'd try now.

Question for you - how many of the guys on the streets know they have a vote and how do they do this without an address? Is a hostel an address?

Hope to hear from you soon
Liz (drinkers)

jamiemccoy said...

Guys on the street don't know they can vote. It took me a week just to find out how a homeless person could register to vote. The disapointing thing though is even with all their problems some do actually want to vote.

Andy (dogs) said...

Hi Jamie,

If they want to vote and they can vote how can we empower the homeless to have their say? Are hostels, day centres etc. aware that the homeless have the right to vote?

Maybe this information is something we could share through Skylight and the Open?!

It's just a shame we couldn't do it in time for this election! Keep up the good work.