10 April, 2005

Big Voice Tour has Lift Off

The big voice tour starts tomorrow. First port of call will be Birmingham. I hope to meet some of homeless from that part of the country to get their views. I will be making a diary of the tour. So I look forward to telling you how it's going and some of the stories of homeless people young and old.


leon said...

Hi I couldn't find a contact address so I thought i'd leave a comment. I like your site, want to trade reciprocal links? I put yours up on my election blog (http://election-05.blogspot.com/) and you put mine up on yours?

Either way, when I get time i'll write a little piece about you and your project; more people need to know!

Hansard Society e-Democracy Programme said...

Hi Leon,

Thanks for your message. We've added a permalink to your blog now, on the left hand side. The Hansard Society e-Democracy Programme are providing technical support and some coaching for Jamie through the early stages of blogging – though he’s a very fast learner! I'm sure Jamie will respond to you directly through his blog.