07 April, 2005


Just another rough sleeper, among the thousands in this country that lay in shop doorways. I went out late at night and vitually as soon as I came out of charing cross underground station. There where six rough sleepers in the row. Asleep. Some of them you probably see most nights with cardbord under their arms walking down the street.
They use cardboerd to lay on because they have learned that it helps keep out the cold from the stone pavements and if they have several layers it doesn't feel so hard. So a goodnights sleep ( if you can call it that ) can be had.
Maybe you're a shop manager and some morning you feel sorry you have to tell them to move because you have a to open the shop. Is this what you want to see? This goverment say they have helped the homeless in many ways. If that is so why are their still so many homeless? I would love to hear what you have to say. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

I agree Jamie, it's a disgrace in today's society that there are still people who have no other choice than to sleep on our streets - we are supposed to be one of the richest, most developed nations in the world, yet we still have shocking poverty literally on our doorsteps.

I can't imagine the horror of realising that you have nowhere to go at the end of the day and having to endure even one night on the street, the government have to do something to change this.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I have been a rough sleeper myself, and unless you are female with child or child on the way, you have little or no chance of even getting tempory accomodation, and what there is to offer, ussually means you have to be around ddrug addictsm alcoholics, other kinds of issues. For the most vulnerable people and those who are trying to kick a drink and drugs habit themselves, this is certaily not the right environment to be. With the despair most face on the streets, its little wonder people try to find solace and escape in drink and drugs. The fovernment just dont care. Homeless people ussually dont work, so dont pay taxes, so therefore, offer no revenue to our over-paid and corrupt members of parliment.
This is a national disgrace in our country and we all should feel ashamed of the very people we vote into power. Come on Tony Blair. You have your nice warm bed. It doesnt take much to provide for a few thousand homeless people. You can afford it!

Dominic Williamson said...


Great that you are raising the issue. Have you had a look at our election manifesto? See:


We launched this in parliament a month ago. It includes lots of practical things that we are asking candidates to support, but most importantly to commit to ending homelessness.

Best wishes

Homeless Link

jamiemccoy said...

I don't believe I am raising the issue of homelessness loud enough because it has always been around through the centuries. Imagine if we measured today's society with the seventeenth and eighteenth century's society. We'd only see a slight difference. and in the modern world of today it's just not good enough