24 April, 2005

THE BIG TOUR BUS the saga continues

The big voice tour bus arrived in Bristol without hitch. The panel arrived at the hotel without getting lost (which was quite a feat for the intrepid seven) but I have to add six of the seven did get lost in the hotel. So like the white van men we have come up with an NVQ to suit all . It's called how to get lost anywhere. This course will include all aspects of getting lost including map reading at it's lowest level. This is a one day course taught by professionals providing you don't get lost when attending.

1 comment:

Yvonne Powell (Big Voice Panel) said...

Well at least they didn't get lost in a TOILET!!!! Yes... I did! Having "pulled a Paula" as The Don so eloquently calls it, a week later I couldn't find my way out of the - I should say HUGE! - toilets at the motorway services!!! I shouldn't be allowed out...!