20 April, 2005


I know the government allocate a certain amount of money to councils around the country and that councils have to make up the difference. I was just wondering if our old system of paying our council tax would be better? As I hear that councils are owed so many millions from people who don't pay. Surely a system where the tax is added on to the rent on a weekly basis is a better solution than the one we have at present. I know this seems a backwards step but to me it is a solution to investigate. After all we all want to see our taxes reduced. I think it's a viable solution. I know that water rates used to be linked in with rents so why can't council's do the same with taxes. it would save on the costs of repeated court appearances for non payers and would also free up valuable court time to dael with criminal ofences Plus in the long run it would help reduce council tax bills. but it's only my own opinion

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Anonymous said...

Surely anything is better than the current system!

My Mum who is disabled pensoner pays more than £50 a month. Where does this come from? Her pension, or what is left of it after it has been taxed.