06 April, 2005


For the first time we will have all three party leaders in the same room on TV. Is this the beginning of us Americanizing our elections. I do believe in the next twenty years we will have a president, all the indications show. We do follow in America's footsteps in nearly everything. We even take things that do not work there and try them over here. Would you like to vote for just one man? I like to hear from any perspective party canidates for their views


Dave T said...

our whole culture is being yankfied at an alarming rate. 10 years ago, for example, calling someone smart was a compliment on their appearance, now it's a comment on their IQ.

As regards politics, we already have a choice between two right-wing parties, as in America, elected mayors, as in america, and yes I do belive soo there'll be an elected Presisdent, chosen for the most part on who is the 'nicer guy' rather than based on any real differences in policy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this as well. Culturally, we are drifting further away from Europe and leaning towards America. We only need to look at our TV and the mindless tabloid hysteria which dictates public opinion. We are being kept stupid by this influx of trash, and while people say that ignorance is bliss, in the context of homelessness, it is the public ignorance of the issues faced by the homeless which is the sole reason that the government is not forced to take more action. Any attempts to instigate more liberal, and more effective, approaches to crises such as the drug problem, are immediately shouted down by the rabid right-wing gutter press, which plays on the public's fear and hysteria. It is a sad time to be English, and I fear it will only get worse as long as our 'special' relationship with the US continues.

Anonymous said...

I think we are in a state of cultural and social meltdown in the UK at the moment. How can we know where we are going or what we want when we have no idea of who we are. What does it mean for example to call yourself British?