16 April, 2005


I wonder if Mr Howard realize just how racist he sounds. He picks up on something in the news it happens to be about the attempt to poison Londoners. The man who was an al Qaida operative is only one of a small but deadly cell. We should not be putting all immigrants in the catorgry as this one offender I believe in the right for another human being to better his life in what ever country he decides to make his home. How do we tackle the problem of people who wish to cause harm. We do have to have a more stringent way of checking before admitting people into the country. To deny someone entry just because we have a quota could lead to racial discrimination especially if we start to say your from Israel sorry can't except you, list from that country full up. I say this because the mentality of our immigration service seems to be unfair for instance: A child born in this country and a mother who has stayed here for a number of years and is employed. Has to be sent back but the child can stay or the people from other countries who have British passports can't come here to live here, ridiculous. I do get angry when I read or hear stories but I am only one man and my opinions are only that. Mine


john said...

I agree. He sounds awfully racist. I come from a family of refugees. My granparents were Polish POWS during WWII and had nothing when they arrived. Had my granparents been booted out on arrival because they did not have enough points (& cash in the bank), all those years ago, the country would be financially worse off after the decades of taxes my family of immigrants have paid in jobs such as teachers, doctors, solicitors etc.
In terms of the recent terrorist threat ... wasn't this always going to happen after our invasion of Iraq? The allied forces have deliberately sent so many bombs into areas civillians live in, is it any wonder there's been retaliation.
PS Love what you're doing here. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

I met you in Tesco's last week and you told me about your blog. I've been really enjoying reading it. It's good to get a different perspective on British life than the one we hear from the men in power. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Sensible people have nothing against blacks, asians or any other kind of foreigners. It is simply a problem with numbers. My friend Jim Batty was sacked from Gateshead Council for saying something perfectly normal about immigration. This is not the 1940s and we now have very large numbers - 200,000 a year - jetting their way to the land of milk and honey. We're going to have to do something.

Jim Batty and myself have left the Labour Party and joined UKIP. We do believe in quotas. If you couldn't come here from Israel it's because it's a safe country.

It is possible for immigrants to take other people's jobs - I'm not saying it happens all the time, but when engineers come here from Poland and people like me can't get a job within 12 years of leaving university with a degree in Electronics. All the people down at the local bucket shop agency where you enrol to do labouring and cleaning jobs are foreign and they can't find any work for me. In Tyneside there is no such thing as jobs no one else wants to do. It is unfair that a doctor's wife and daughter were deported to South Africa and he wasn't but remember, our country took half the nurses out of Africa. He will join them there, but possibly work in a nice private clinic. I don't know. Maybe he'll found an Aids hospital like my friend Dr Stephen did in India. He was only allowed to stay here for a short time in the 1980s. An arrangement that was beneficial to everyone. He has an English wife. He doesn't mind.

mano_free said...

if you britains think you have an immigration problem, visit france, spain, italy and not to be forgotten germany: millions over millions and it is not a topic any more. no one likes them and the mood is getting worse and worse. in germany nazis are acting again including police (which was the reason for me to leave, they tried to kill me for being gay) and anyone thinks it is ok!