07 April, 2005


Living in the heart of the city is bad enough but I chose to do that, but I am supposed to be able to get health care. The doctor across the road says he's full and has a waiting list and it has been like that for two years. There is another surgery two minutes from him I have tried to register with him but to no avail he says I don't come in to his area cachement. Sometimes I just wonder, is it because I look at bit rough and he thinks I'm a rough sleeper that he keeps saying he's full.
The local dentist is the same always jam packed and I can't get to see him because he's full. So are a few more within a mile of each other.
Like most I am worried about going into hospital and gettng some super bug and not coming out again, I guess I am the same as most people in this country worried about the state of the health service.


Anonymous said...

Health is a problem, full stop. This government has not bitten the bullet to really change and improve the service that patients, homeless or not, receive. They have used the NHS for politics, trying to reduce waiting lists and imposing single issue targets at the expense of delivering sensible, coordinated, and appropriate health services to the general public. On top of that, they are interested in plurality of delivery, so are trying to develop a private health industry by forcing PCTs to spend some of their budget on non-NHS deliverers. That in part explains why you can't get to the dentist. If you ran a dental surgery, why would you treat NHS patients when you can get more money for private patients. If you were a GP partner in a surgery, you are continually getting squeezed by the PCT because their funds are being diverted to propping up the private health system, so why are we surprised that they can't take on extra patients.

By and large, health practitioners are caring people, who are happy to provide a service for a homeless person as for anyone one else. They are just put in impossible positions because the regime does not allow them to do their job properly.

jamiemccoy said...

I agree with you. In some areas of london doctors surgerys are so crowded you could be dying before you get seem. this is due to a lack of funding by previous governments. now the situation is so bad they are trying to come up with ways of tackling things but they all turn out be just sticking plaster fixs

nick said...

get yourself down to the Great Chapel street surgery as they will see you without being registered and they are usually preety quick and good they are just off Oxford Street.