22 April, 2005


I am a great believer in the punishment should fit the crime. I think people in today's society are scared to report every crime because of the ridicules sentences doled out by Judges. A rapist will usually get five years when released will invertibly do it again. In fact, The likelihood of them doing it again are much greater than a first time offender committing another offence. With good behavior a rapist will be out in two and a half years to rape again. Is this really justice? A man who murders a child will get life but could be out ten or fifteen years. Is this justice?
Drug pushers who earn millions and deal in misery and death they will get ten years to fifteen years but will free to start again in six years because we have a parole system that seems to favor them.
We have half sentences these are supposed to be for good behavior even I can be a model citizen if the reward is great.
Homeless people in the strand. They want to know why they have to go to prison for a week or in some cases a month for begging or get fines they cannot possibly afford. What crime have they committed?
We now have the public screaming out for more severe sentencing because they think the same as I do the punishment should fit the crime.
If you murder some one then life should mean life. To take a life is to end a life.
Whether it be someone in their sixties or someone very young. But the important thing is that a life was taken. In the bible it says an eye for an eye, but we as a civilized nation don't have the death penalty so we lock them away. Is it reasonable to assume people can change?
I believe murder to be a crime against humanity. I know what you are going to say but what about war. In war we defend our rights to live as free people to live the way we want as a free and democratic society. We also defend other peoples right to do the same.
This world that I inhabit has never known absolute peace. Because in truth it has never existed. We try the best we can to live side by side. But it is human nature that decides our path. Society should not live by standards it does not keep but by standards it sets.

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