07 April, 2005


The issue of Crime will be play a major part in the general election for all three major parties.
In today's society the chances of you being mugged or just being beaten up are high in certain areas of our cities (although government figures show a decline) Should we tolerate the ghetto culture that seems to have arisen in certain areas? The facts collected show that homeless people are 13 times more likely to be attacked and robbed, than members of the general public. These figures were reached in interviews taken with men and women on the street and in temporary accommodation across the UK. It does show that homeless people are among the most vunerable section of our society. It brings to light the stark realities that homeless people face everyday whilst on the streets. Whilst the crime figure seem to be falling across the UK. The figures remain amazingly high amongst the homeless. The figures could be even higher as most crimes are not reported by the homeless because of the fear they will not be taken seriously and the stigma that being homeless brings.
Vandals roam the streets of Britain causing mayhem where ever they go. The conservatives believe by imprisoning parents of unruly children this would reduce acts of vandalism. They are also looking at evicting whole families for persistent trouble offenders. Surely this does not make any sense as making more people homeless only adds to the misery we already see?
Would you like to see punishments fitting their crime's. Do asbo's really work? Do you live in an area where people commit senseless acts of vandalism?
John a former homeless man says, "I have a neighbor that plays loud music till three or four o'clock in the morning nearly everyday. The noise pollution squad from health environment visit but seem powerless to do anything."
Is this a situation for an asbo or is it because these flats are known to be occupied by former homeless people?

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Anonymous said...

I think you are right. Politicians want to be seen to be doing something - especially if it upsets the tourists. If you are homeless you are a 'non-citizen' and come bottom of the pile. No wonder drunken yobs and others think you are a fair target. When was the last time someone was prosecuted for attacking a homeless person?