18 April, 2005


Today the big voice tour rolled in to Leeds. Where several PPCs came and spoke to the panel. But first I feel I must up date you on the saga of the intrepid journey so far, first the good news. The bus arrived before we did and I'm pleased to tell you no reported problems. Now for the bad news the nightmare of the journey for the panel and the three coordinators including the don of all coordinators, well lets just say the panel got to know every plant on one certain roundabout in west Leeds. Then one of the panel wanted to do a Paula Radcliff, so we pulled over then didn't want to go. It was then decided to admit defeat and phone the hotel for the directions, but believe it or not we had to admit we were still lost. So phone again this time with success. This morning wasn't much different to any other morning, we found it hard to park. Like in many other cities. But I am so glad we came because one passer by and his family gave five pounds for us to get cups of tea because it was raining and told us to keep up the good work. Which disproves the theory that people do not care . To me Leeds seems to be a much more caring city as the PPCs seemed to know much than in some of the cities we have been but there was still that question of what do homeless or hidden people expect government to do?
It was said in a couple by Graham a panel member
Homeless people do not want any new deals they just want a fair deal.
They want to be treated as normal members of society not second class citizens.


Anonymous said...

"Homeless people do not want any new deals they just want a fair deal."

What do you want?

Reading your other entries it would seem that you want a house for free, for the rest of society to pay for your mistakes and to be able to jump the queues in doctors and dentists.

Doesn't sound like a fair deal for the rest of us.

Deek Deekster said...

excellent blog, I linked from Five.