04 April, 2005


Am I living in cloud cookcoo land? Because I would love to buy my own house. Is this the pipe dream that most people have? I suppose I can dream can't I? I hear that there are going to be one million new houses built for first time buyers. Hey! I'm a first time buyer, I don't have a penny to my name only £55 a week unemployment benefit, which never comes on time and it only last me two days at most and I still owe my friends a lot of money. But still at least I am a first time buyer. I wonder can I buy it with monopoly money? That would be great wouldn't it? Jesus Christ! What am I saying? I have no chance in hell of buying a house. Line up ten no, make that thirty thousand people and if I steal forty pound off every one I might be able to afford a house, only just though. I know what I'll do I'll buy a garden shed should only cost me £90. No wait a minute, that's no good the council will only charge me £1200 a year and that would be the lowest council tax. So it would actually cost me to live in a shed. Better off the way I am now. No wonder people get so angry with things. First time buyer no thanks I'll stick to my pipe dream.


Anonymous said...

I agree jamie. I am a professional worker earning a decent salary and living with my partner. Even on 2 salaries we were unable to even think about buying in London on the open market. We were really lucky and were eligible to buy a Shared Ownership property - one of the government's favourite things to talk about at the moment. It was great for us and we are now on the property ladder - but we earn almost £60,000 a year between us so where does that leave those who really are on low salaries, never mind those on benefits.
Shared Ownership is a great buzzword for the campaign period but I can not see how it is going to make any difference at all to homeless people, only to those for whom the property ladder is just inches too high.

Anonymous said...

I can pay a mortgage, but how can I save up for a deposit AND save up for my old age? The, I would like a holiday once in a while and a life!

Anonymous said...

I also work, but there is no way that I can afford to save up for a deposit to buy a house or even get a morgage for that matter. I think I missed my chance to get on the property ladder and now it seems to be too late.

All the government can talk about is 'shared ownership' which for me as a single person this is not a reality.

It looks as if I will be renting (paying somebody else's morgage) for the rest of my life.