21 April, 2005

Shaun Wilson's story
Shaun is a young man from Newcastle who became disenchanted with the way things were going in his life so decided to make a change.
Shaun had gotten himself involved with drugs and drink. (Which has become the usual story of our kids today)
He knew his life was going nowhere. When he ended up living on the streets. He lived by begging everyday. He was one of the lucky ones who never got arrested and he had never gotten into trouble previously with the police so he has never had to taste the life that most rough sleepers taste when they are arrested and go to prison.( the question I ask - should begging be an inprisonable offence?) after being on the streets awhile he was found a hostel in which he felt safe and secure. The workers at the hostel listened to him and he feels that was what was needed they where able to help Shaun. He now has a full time job with the Newcastle cyrenains.
He doesn’t touch drugs and only drinks sociably. He has his own flat and has a girlfriend who is expecting. He says I am grateful for the chance I was given it’s what most homeless people want just a chance..
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MalcolmLutherKing said...

What do you think of the behaviour of some beggars? I offered to buy something for a woman who had a baby in a push chair. She asked for some nappies. She followed me into the shop where she grabbed £20 worth of stock and asked me to pay for it. I am not a soft touch - this was a very difficult situation to be in, they know how to manipulate your feelings. First it is just one packet of nappies and then could I have this, could I have this. Then walking up to the checkout. You are not expecting her to do that, for a few minutes you still felt pity. She then took me outside and said, 'The baby is hungry. He hasn't had his tea. I just want £3.'

I know other people who are rude and horrible to you if you to try to tell them you haven't got any money. 'Don't give me that!' said a woman with a pock marked face in an underground station. She was telling a sob story about her and her sister being beaten up by a drunk and the police were there outside.

At one time beggars were polite. Now we have heart breaking made up stories, including the classic, 'I walked all the way here from Birmingham and haven't eaten for three weeks' and they throw a tantrem if you don't give you any money, are intent on robbing you if you give them any physical help, and are actually a bit of a nuisance. I can understand why some policemen want to arrest them.

flannel said...

Terrible story, but all I can say that experiences differ and not all beggars are the same. My rule of thumb is to simply see if people look as if they want to talk to you first - then try it. But, the issue simply is that MOST people asking for money on the street are the symptom not the problem and to prosecute them automatically is wrong. We have to ask, why do we still have a society that has homeless people in it and why should some have the resort to begging to survive?

flannel said...
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flannel said...
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jamiemccoy said...

it's only the minority of beggars that are rude and obnoxious. but it's down to you who you talk to or give money to. i now and again give money but i would rather give the a drink and a sandwich.