04 April, 2005


Problems problems. As if I haven't had enough to worry about in my life. Now I have to vote for some parliamentary candidate who most likely wont listen to me anyway.
So which one do I choose?
Do I go for the one that dresses ok and appears to listen or do I go for the one who says he'll reduce my taxes, even if I think he is going to take more money off me one way or another? Should I keep with the one I voted for last time after all he did win.
To hell with it I wont vote for anyone. Just like half the country, after all what's going to change. I think this is the feeling of a vast majority of the country


Internet Street Philosopher said...

Yeah, its getting harder and harder to vote, since most of the canidates are all the same.

jamiemccoy said...

thanks for the comment hope you look again

Anonymous said...

I think you are right Jamie that many people think it's not worth voting. However we can only make changes in society - and in particular improve the service provision for homeless people - by getting involved politically and voicing our concerns. An election is our once chance to make ourselves heard!

flannel said...

You have to vote. Apathy must not win. What if someone said you couldn't vote - then people would object. But, you can ask candidates why you should bother voting for them. You can also ask them to give you a lift to the polling station!

flannel said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree with Flannel. Remember those in other places who fight for the right to vote and those who fought in this country not so long ago for women's right to vote.

If we don't vote, how can we question the way the country is run.

However, I also agree it's hard to choose between candidates. Perhaps the answer is to get involved in a party and become one - Jamie McCoy MP - how does that sound?