26 April, 2005


Yesterday Tony Blair and Gordon Brown followed the crisis big voice tour bus to Bristol. It's the red bus most people have seen in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and last but not least Bristol. You may have seen it as you walked through your town centre on your way to lunch. It was the big red bus with several lost looking people sitting talking to people with coloured rosettes pinned to themselves they were called prospective parliamentary candidates. If you thought they were the lost looking ones I'd love to hear from you just click on comments at the bottom.
Well, all I have to say is Tony, you could have asked us where we were going to be. We would have told you. It would appear that Tony has probably had the secret service find out about our schedule before he called the election and decided to campaign on other issues on the other side of where we are at any given time. Tony, I have to tell you this is not the done thing. Now if you were to have a discussion with us at our headquarters at 64 Commercial Street, Aldgate, we probably wouldn't need to be out on the road highlighting the issues of hidden homelessness. So if at any time you feel you have the time. Please feel free to pop in for a chat and coffee. Which by the way will be made in our cafe by homeless people. Who are being trained in catering with the hope of future employment in that field. So come see what can be achieved with the right funding. You could also have a look round at our Skylight activity centre you'd be suprised at the untapped talent on the streets of this country.

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Yvonne Powell (Big Voice Panel) said...

We did TRY to see Mr Blair... but couldn't get in the building... can't say I'm entirely sorry! Do you think he'd have listened to us? Actually, if I'm honest I'd probably have burst into tears if I'd spoken to him... you see I remember when he first came to power in '97, I'd just moved into a bedsit, and there was a mix-up at the council - resulting in several hundred people's paperwork being delayed, and for the first time since I was 18 I COULDN'T VOTE!!! I was mortified, but at the time - shamed to admit this now - I'd been going to vote for the younger Mr Blair's party... I say younger, because listening to him now, I'm not sure I even know who he is. Certainly not the man I believed him to be. SO often people, real people, go into politics for the most idealist of reasons, to 'change things', to make life better, but all too often at best they realise just how little they can actually do, or at worst, they move their office and life suddenly becomes a show. Who is Mr Blair now? I can't even see the man I once believed him to be. But surely still a man, someone's lover, husband, father,if we're not careful it's so easy in our cynicism to forget that, and see no more than the suit. Was I just wrong about him, or has the weight of office forced the man to become his office?