24 April, 2005


This should be interesting as I have only had a few jobs and one of those was working for myself selling fruit and veg, but that was along time ago when my life was a mixture of trying to hide my drug life and keep afloat.
I have always been good with figures so when I hear the government say there are so many unemployed my mind just quickly estimates the job loses we have all heard about and the numbers I think we don't hear too much about. Then I estimate the number of people that are estimated to have gotten jobs. The truth is the figures do not add up no matter how you look at things. If thirty thousand people in the north lose their jobs and only one third find jobs, but through some government new deal they are put on courses or work training they are not counted.
I estimate in the last year at least 59.000 people have been made redundant across the card and only fifthteen per cent of those are actually in work. If my mind does not deceive me you can add another 10.000 at least to that figure now MG rover has closed. Me, I would just like to know who makes to the numbers up.
One thing I do know getting a job is near impossible if you are unskilled and even if you are getting a job with enough money to live on is even harder.
I find my problem is that because of my previous work history and addresses and now my age. All these factors work against me. All the time. It's like using a computer. I know I am good at it. But would an employer take my word for it? No.
No matter what people say, there should not be any predjudices but there are.
I know I do rabbit on a bit but a homeless person is more likely to be on benefits of some kind than be working even though he or she may want to work.
You often here the words but if I got a job I'd be worse off. It's this situation that the government has to look at because whether you are a single person or a married person sometimes you are better off claiming. It is exactly this situation I believe that causes the stresses on families. The break up of marriages and I think this is the main cause as to why our society today struggles to conform to what we expect. I believe the tensions of unemployed in this country are being inbred into our young.

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