13 April, 2005


7 15 in the morning and we had just woken to see the last drops of rain fall. Breakfast called. The thought of our hectic schedule and our temperamental bus having another break down was visible on everyone's faces but we were determined soldiered on. Now we had become the magnificent seven as Mark the don of all coordinators joined us on our tour. We arrived in Manchester, only getting lost once. Well, that was myself, Stuart and Erna. Graham and Mark drove in their own transport. We all arrived on time to meet PPCs from all the parties and members of Manchester's homeless panel. All asked their own questions - and all got answers. Although some were a bit hit and miss, the recurring theme was that it didn't matter what government was in power, the homeless and hidden homeless were forgotten. Questions on housing revealed that the PPCs from all parties had concerns. The panel asked why homelessness was not on the political agenda. The answer was that it was not known just how many poeple were homeless or in temporary accommodation. We hoped we gave the PPCs an insight into our problems

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